Water Closures


MAS waters are closed for Matches and Coaching events. Please see the match fixture sections for details


Where a senior or concessionary match is scheduled for a given water then it will be closed to non-competitors from 2 hours before the scheduled time of the match draw to 1 hour after the end of the match. EXCEPT for club matches where the number of competitors is such that the closing of the water is not in the best interests of other anglers. In this case members can turn up 30 minutes after the start of such a match, but a reasonable distance must be given so as not to disturb those taking part in the match.

Water Closure List Jan - Aug 2024
02-Apr-2024Bog GroveMatch
07-Apr-2024Slough House WestMatch
13/14-Apr-2024Slough House Farm24 Hour Carp Match
16-Apr-2024Heron HallMatch
23-Apr-2024Rook HallMatch
30-Apr-2024Slough house FarmMatch
07-May-2024Totham PitMatch
12-May-2024Bog GroveMatch
14-May-2024Bog Grove (Silvers Only)Match
18/19-May-2024Totham Pit24 Hour Carp Matchy
28-May-2024Rook HallMatch
04-Jun-2024Slough House FarmMatch
09-Jun-2024Bog GroveMatch
11-Jun-2024Heron HallMatch
18-Jun-2024Tesco CanalMatch
25-Jun-2024Bog GroveMatch
29-Jun-2024Bog GroveACI Coaching
30-Jun-2024Rook HallMatch
02-Jul-2024Slough House FarmMatch
09-Jul-2024Rook HallMatch
13/14-July-2024Slough House Farm24 Hour Carp Match
16-Jul-2024Little LondonMatch
23-Jul-2024Tesco CanalMatch
28-Jul-2024Slough House / Slough House WestMatch
30-Jul-2024Slough House Farm (silvers Only)Match
03-Aug-2024Slough HouseACI Coaching
04-Aug-2024Heron HallMatch
06-Aug-2024Totham PitMatch
10-Aug-2024Heron HallACI Coaching
13-Aug-2024Heron HallMatch
17/18-Aug-2024Totham Pit24 Hour Carp Match
20-Aug-2024Tesco CanalMatch