Every quarter our Publicity Secretary, Andy Thomas, compiles a newsletter covering all the diverse activities of our club

  • Our team
  • Events and matches
  • The hard work of our fishery management team and volunteers building swims. clearing obstructions, improving access and stocking our waters with quality fish
  • Insight into the nature that surrounds our waters
  • Rule updates and highlighting rule infringements that could lead to disciplinary action. Our rules exist to protect us all — at worst we could lose waters where rules are broken, so please observe them!
  • Insight into featured waters — vital information to help anglers make the most of the potential
  • Personal stories give insight to individual angling journeys and special interests

QUARTER 1 2024 

  • Fishery management round up – including weed clearing at Railway Pond and path construction at Bog Grove
  • Feature on Great Totham Pit
  • Andy Thomas shares his angling journey from junior to family man  – discovering carp fishing and ultimately catching specimens over 30lb! Older members will remember when carp were rare and much harder to catch, tackle was home made and  there was a closed season!



QUARTER 2,  2024

  • Focus on Heron Hall
  • Kelvin Willis shares his fishing journey.  Many will know Kelvin is the Match Secretary and one of the mainstays of the committee over many years.  His story shows how he learned from his father and progressed through the junior ranks in the days before poles, and went on to compete successfully as an adult. His story includes sea fishing and fishing abroad.  As his list of catches shows, he is more than a match angler and has turned his skills to capture an impressive list of specimens