Building better fisheries

Our club is proud of our waters and the condition of the fish that swim in them.  Stocks are maintained to provide a variety of fishing types. Swim comfort and access is a priority.  2024 is sure to be another busy year but in 2023 we:

  • Conducted major weed removal from Railway Pond
  • Rebuilt 5 swims and constructed a new path at Bog Grove
  • Treated Rook Hall Farm and Totham Pit to control weed growth
  • Cut back trees and bushes to clear a whole bank at Rook Hall
  • Stock management includes:
    • Bog Grove stocked with tench, crucians and skimmers
    • Extra Ide added in Heron Hall
    • Perch stocked to control silver fish populations (and provide predator sport!)

Work Parties

We run work parties on every Tuesday evening from May to September.

Please come along! Call our Fishery Manager, Dan Gower on 07793 278430 to volunteer