Angling Coaching Initiative 2024/5

Can You Help Us Coach Future Anglers?

Experienced anglers know that angling is a great sport for young and old, building lifelong friendships and appreciation of nature.  And the magic often starts from childhood.  That’s why Maldon Angling Society has supported the Angling Coaching Initiative (ACI) since 2018.

Coaching in 2024/5 Season

This scheme aims to bring juniors aged 8 to 16 into the sport, supporting youngsters who may not know anyone to take them fishing so they can learn to catch and look after fish. The scheme starts again for the new season on the 18th May. It caters for both novices and those who already fish. Parents/Grand Parents etc are welcome to join in. For many of the younger participants, they will rely upon a parent to take them fishing outside of the coaching scheme, so coaching the parents is equally important.


June 29, 2024Bog Grove
August 3, 2024Slough House
August 10, 2024Heron Hall
September 28, 2024Bog Grove

We teach participants everything to get them hooked, from starter sessions using a 4 metre whip, to full tuition on float rods and method feeders.  The aim is to capture their interest and give them a sport for life!  Tackle and bait are provided by ACI.

This is a joint venture with KDAA, MAS, CAPS, CPS and CAS under the umbrella of ACI, a non-profit making organisation, using a selection of club waters. Check out non MAS waters for coaching events on the ACI site below.

Pass on your experience as a Voluntary Assistant Coach

There is sure to be high demand for places.  The courses are run by accredited Angling Trust Level 1 and 2 Coaches.  Voluntary Assistant Coaches are essential to the success of the coaching sessions. They do not need to be a member of a participating club.  If you can help even for a couple of sessions it would be greatly appreciated.  No qualifications are needed just experience!

Visit the ACI website and view the Volunteer Coaches and Events Calendar webpages under the Information drop down menu.

Please contact Chris Burt – Angling Coaching Initiative

M 07917 781299