Rules & Constitution


1 General

1.1 Rule breakers

The breaking of any Society rule will result in disciplinary action, which could include withdrawal of membership by the committee.

1.2 Rules

Members must at all times comply with the Society rules.

1.3 Application Refusal

The society reserves the right to refuse an application to join from anyone who is known to have been banned from another fishing club.
The society reserves the right to refuse an application to join from anyone without giving a reason.

1.4 Membership Cards

Members must carry their membership authority card on Society waters at all times. Persons not in possession of the necessary authority may be asked to leave the water.
Members must produce their membership card when asked to do so by another membership card-carrying member.

1.5 EA rod licences

Members must at all times comply with the Environment Agency bylaws, and hold a valid rod licence to use one or two rods or a valid rod licence to use three rods (see rule 6.1)
Your EA rod license must be produced on demand of any Society Bailiff.

1.6 Disrepute Charges

Any member who brings the Society into disrepute could be subject to disciplinary action.

2 Fishing Times

2.1 Close season

The current close season for coarse fishing is as follows:
Rivers/canals from 15th March – 15th June inclusive
Stillwaters, none except for:
Rook Hall closed 1st October to 31st January

No member is allowed on Society waters during the applicable close season other than for working party duties only, supervised at all times by a committee member. All such work to be subject of authorisation by the Fishery Management Officer.

2.2 Venues

The following lakes are closed to members from 10.00pm until 5.00am nightly:
Bog Grove
Little London
Slough House Farm
Totham Pit
However, night fishing will be permitted for night permit holders only.
PLEASE NOTE Maximum length of session permitted is four days, three nights followed by a twenty-four hour break from that fishery except Slough House Farm, which is two days, two nights followed by a twenty-four hour break ONLY.
Bog Grove night fishing is permitted from 1st October until 30th April only.
Heron Hall, Brick Kiln Pond and Slough House West Lake are closed to members from 10pm until 5am nightly with no night fishing.
Rook Hall is closed to members from dusk till dawn.

If the Society loses the fishing rights to one or more of their fisheries during the season, the membership will not be entitled to any refunds of membership or night permit fees. Likewise, if the Society gains the fishing rights to one or more new fisheries during the season the membership will not be expected to pay an increased membership or night permit fee for that season following their announcement at the AGM.

2.3 Bailiffs

Society bailiffs have the authority to visit all Society waters at any time of day or night for the purposes of bailiffing.

2.4 Non-fishing Members

Non-fishing members must be accompanied by a fishing member and are only allowed on society fisheries between 5am and 10pm or dawn till dusk on Rook Hall.

3 Night fishing


All night permit members must have a clean record with the Society; any subsequent disciplinary action could result in a withdrawal of the members night permit.
Members who have received a verbal warning will not be eligible to buy a Night Permit.
Members under the age of 16 cannot buy a night permit, this must be purchased on their behalf by a current night permit member.
Night permit members less than 16 years of age must be accompanied by, and fish in the same swim as a responsible night permit member while night fishing.
Under 10’s and Non Fishing members are not allowed on Society waters between 10pm and 5am.
Any night permit members caught breaking any Society rules will lose their night fishing rights for a maximum of two years at the discretion of the committee.

4 Access

4.1 Gates

All members will lock Society gates on entering and leaving the waters.

4.2 Speed limit

Maximum speed on Maldon Angling Society fishery approach tracks is 5 MPH

4.3 Vehicles

No driving around any Society waters except to directly access official Society car parks.

4.4 Bicycles

No cycling around any Society stillwaters.

5 On the bank

5.1 Health & safety

Members and their guests using property owned, leased or otherwise retained by the Society do so entirely at their own risk.

5.2 Loss and damage

Members and guests fish at their own risk. The Society will not accept any responsibility or liability for the loss or damage to any tackle, property or personal possessions.

5.3 Behaviour

No member is to be inconsiderate or abusive towards others whilst on property leased by the Society (includes excessive noise).
Please keep hammering and the use of bright lights to an absolute minimum on all venues when other anglers are present.

5.4 Swims

a) No individual angler to occupy or fish from more than one swim at any one time.

b) On waters where swims are already provided no member shall cut down extra reeds or vegetation. On waters where swims are not provided, members shall be allowed to cut down only sufficient reeds and vegetation to form a swim. Trees are not to be cut
or otherwise damaged on any Society water at any time except as deemed necessary by the Fishery Management Officer.
Swim clearing on the canal is now forbidden unless it is carried out as part of an Essex Waterways approved working party.

5.5 Camping

Camping on Society waters is not allowed.

5.6 Fires & BBQ’s

Fires or BBQ’s (including disposable BBQ’s) are not allowed along the waterside or on any property on which the Society has fishing control.  Kelly kettles and camping stoves are permitted

5.7 Litter

Members are responsible for keeping their swim litter free at all times. It shall be the responsibility of each member to respect the private property of the riparian owners at all times, and to maintain a clean and tidy fishery whether on Society or other club waters.
Any member found guilty of leaving litter of whatever nature will be liable to withdrawal of membership or expulsion from the Society.

5.8 Boats, Drones & Fish Finders

a) Any form of boat, bait boats and all related & Fish Finders accessories are not permitted except on official Society business.

b) Drones are not permitted on any of our Society waters except on official Society business.

c) Castable fish finders, feature and depth finders are permitted when used sensibly to search your swim. However they are not permitted in any Society matches.

5.9 Dogs

Members are forbidden to take dogs (except guide dogs) with them on any Society water, except for bailiffs.

5.10 Guns

The presence of guns is strictly prohibited on all Society waters.

5.11 Radios & TVs

The presence of radios, televisions etc is strictly prohibited on all Society waters, unless they are used with an ear piece adaptor or headphones.

5.12 Casting

a) No member to fish their swim over halfway to another angler.

b) The use of the Washing Line Method is banned.

5.13 Unattended rods

Fishing hook/bait to be removed from the water when the swim is vacated for any reason.

5.14 Poaching

No member shall be permitted to take away from the Society waters, or kill, any fish. This rule may be waived or amended by Committee as circumstances warrant.

5.15 Fish care

a) In order to minimise the risk of spreading waterborne diseases such as KHV, members must ensure that every item which comes into contact with the fish such as, but not limited to, keepnets, landing nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats, must arrive at the fishery totally dry. This includes the bags and carryalls that these items are transported in.

b) No carp to be kept in keepnets except in society matches (see rule 9.3)  All other fish up to 5lb (approx weight) may be retained in a keepnet.
All fish over 5lb (approx weight) to be weighed/returned to the water immediately.
A maximum of 30lb of fish to be kept in any one keepnet.
Anglers are encouraged to carry more than one keepnet.
The above rules do not apply to society rivers/canals.
No fish to be kept in captivity for longer than 6 hours.
Any fish showing signs of distress must be released upon demand of a society bailiff.
Anglers must, upon request of a bailiff, pull in nets to clear themselves on the above rules.
The society recommends that members be in possession of a fish care product e.g. Klinik.
Keepnets may be banned temporarily on individual society waters subject to local conditions or outbreaks of waterborne diseases.

c) Fish can only be carried in a landing net, weigh sling, unhooking mat or a keepnet where allowed

6 Tackle

6.1 Rods

Night permit and 3 rod permit holders may use a maximum of three rods between 1st October and 31st March only.
At all other times and circumstances a maximum of two rods only may be used.

6.2 Main line

Anglers fishing for carp at Slough House Farm and Totham Pit must use a minimum of
10lb breaking strain line due to the extensive weed growth at these waters.
No member is to fish for pike with less than 15lb breaking strain line.

6.3 Leaders

Ready-made shop bought or home-made leaders made from lead-core, braid, coated braid or similar material attached to the mainline via a loop, splice or connector are banned on all Club waters.

When using braid as a mainline a length of monofilament or fluorocarbon can be used to protect the fish from the braid and act as a buffer during the fight. This should be attached via a suitable braid to line knot to comply with Rule 6.4 for fixed leads. The monofilament or fluorocarbon must be of a lower breaking strain than the braided mainline. Alternatively, braid can be used straight through to the swivel but must have a minimum of 4ft of rig tubing.

6.4 Leads

Any fixed lead used must be able to detach itself from the hook-link should the main line happen to break (excluding split shot)

6.5 Rigs

Bailiffs have the right to inspect any rig to ensure that it is fish friendly in the event of the reel line breaking.
– The Magic Twig or similar devices are banned from Society Waters

6.6 Hooks

Barbless and micro-barb hooks only to be used on Bog Grove fishery.
Treble hooks used on wire traces for fishing with dead-baits and must be semi-barbless.

6.7 Landing nets

Whilst fishing all anglers must be in possession of a landing net. Please dry your nets between trips to reduce the risk of spreading disease.

6.8 Unhooking mats

It is mandatory that all members be in possession of an unhooking mat on society still waters. All anglers unhooking or handling fish on the ground/bankside must use an unhooking mat with minimum dimensions of 90cm x 60cm x 2.5cm or a carp cradle. No other device may be used.
If the fish is to be subsequently weighed and photographed the unhooking mat must be positioned under the fish at all times during these processes.
In matches padded Fish Safe Weigh Buckets (such as those sold by Ollyskins) may be used on the ground for the purposes of weighing and photographs.
In all cases the fish should be returned to the water as soon as possible and released when fully recovered.

6.9 Carp sacks

Carp sacks are banned on all Society waters, and Carp shall not be retained by any method (including keep nets), except those up to 5lbs approx weight caught during organised Society matches.(see rule 9.3).

6.10 Keepnets

Any member using a KEEPNET when fishing water under the control of or being used by the Society, MUST ENSURE that it conforms to the following minimum standards: Keepnets must not;
1) Have knotted mesh or be made from a metallic material.
2) Have holes larger than 25mm in circumference (8mm diameter).
3) Be less than 3 meters in length.
4) Be less than 120cm in circumference (38cm diameter)
5) Have supporting rings or frames greater than 40cm apart (excluding distance from frame to first supporting ring or frame).
These standards are in accordance with Environment Agency bylaws. A Society bailiff or committee member is empowered to inspect any net if doubt arises that these standards are not being satisfied.
The committee recommend that carp friendly nets are used wherever possible.

6.11 Disgorger/Forceps

All members to be in possession of an unhooking device (such as a disgorger or forceps) relevant to the size and type of hook/s being used and target species.

7 Bait

7.1 Ground-bait & Boilies

Bog Grove and Railway Pond ground-bait and boilies allowed at a maximum
of 1 kilogram per fishing session.

7.2 Peanuts

The use of peanuts as bait is not allowed on any Society water.

7.3 Surplus bait

Surplus bait must not be left on the bank.

7.4 Live bait

The use of live fish baits is not permitted on Society waters.

7.5 Dead bait

When fishing with dead fish baits on Totham Pit, Little London Reservoir, Slough House Farm Reservoir and Society rivers and canals, a wire trace must be used.

8 Juniors


Junior members can, if required, request to be upgraded to intermediate membership on reaching the age of 16 at the relevant time during the season.

9 Matches


Where a senior or concessionary match is scheduled for a given water then it will be closed to non-competitors from 2 hours before the scheduled time of the match draw to 1 hour after the end of the match. EXCEPT for club matches where the number of competitors is such that the closing of the water is not in the best interests of other anglers. In this case members can turn up 30 minutes after the start of such a match, but a reasonable distance must be given so as not to disturb those taking part in the match.


Selection of anglers for all Angling Trust team events, all Essex Interclub matches and any team event representing Maldon Angling Society will be full members who have attended at least 20% of club matches in the previous 12 months.


Any fish (including carp) up to 5lb (approx weight) caught during society matches can be retained in carp friendly keepnets.
Other fish must be weighed and witnessed by another angler and released immediately.
The 30lb per keepnet rule (see rule 5.15) applies even in matches.
Any breach of the above rules will result in disqualification from the match.


Pike cannot be weighed in during society matches unless they are caught in a designated Pike match.

10 Guest tickets


The Society guest permit system will operate as follows:
A member may apply for one guest ticket at a time for any one period, the ticket to cover the guest as required.
The cost of the guest ticket shall be announced at the Annual General Meeting prior to the season opening.
Tickets available from the Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Concessionary Member Secretary, website and selected tackle shops.
Members will be responsible for the behaviour of the guest at all times to include:
Arriving/departing at the same time as the guest.
Fishing an adjacent swim to the guest.
Ensuring the guest conforms to both Society and Environment Agency bylaws.
Ensuring the guest holds a valid Environment Agency rod licence.
Guests are only allowed on Society waters between 5.00am and 10.00pm or dawn till dusk at Rook Hall.
Guests may use a maximum of two rods only




1.1 The Society shall be called “The Maldon Angling Society” and its aims shall be to encourage the sport of angling in the district. Membership shall be open to all persons irrespective of sex or age, who are interested in the Piscatorial Art. The committee, however, reserve the right to refuse any individual membership if it is deemed in the best interests of the Society.

1.2 The affairs of the Society shall be controlled by an Executive of Secretary, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer, and a Committee of the following named members:-
Fishery Management Officer, Minutes Secretary, Match Secretary, Head Bailiff, Membership Secretary, Publicity Secretary/Website Manager, Junior Section Secretary, Concessionary Match Secretary, Assistant Fishery Management Officer, Safety Officer, plus other members to ensure a minimum of 13 and maximum of 16.
These officers shall be elected by the membership annually at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be over 18 years of age. Voting powers shall be invested in each member. The Chairman will consult on any matter requiring his vote with the Secretary and Treasurer and then give his decision.
The elected committee to have the authority to subsequently co-opt members on to the committee during the annual term as/if required to ensure the above committee numbers are maintained.

1.3 The Annual General Meeting of the Society MUST be held on or before the 31st of January. At the Annual General Meeting the President and Vice-President are re-elected and outgoing officials may be elected in accordance with 1.2 above. The Committee shall be elected at this meeting in accordance with 1.2 above. For the purposes of a Quorum at any Annual or Special General Meeting there must not be fewer than 30 members present of adult status. Intermediate and Juniors attending such a meeting shall not be permitted to vote. Failing a Quorum the outgoing officials shall remain in office until the conditions for such a meeting can be satisfied. Should a contingency arise whereby a meeting is void, another MUST be called within 28 days of the original date of the relevant meeting.

1.4 Meetings of the Committee shall be held at a suitable location, during the first week of each month. At these meetings any member of the Society may attend, but they may not take part in the discussions, (other than 1.5).
All voting at the Committee Meeting is restricted to members of the committee only. Should there arise any matter of importance requiring Committee attention only, all non-committee members will be required to leave the meeting, but may return when the matter under discussion has been settled.

1.5 Under the Agenda item Any Other Business, non-committee members may be permitted to raise any matter provided it does not refer to matters already discussed at the meeting.

1.6 Reports of the previous Committee Meeting must be given fully at the next scheduled meeting by the Secretary.

1.7 If there should be less than four members present at a Committee Meeting (excluding the Chairman and Secretary) the meeting shall be declared void.

2.1 The annual subscriptions to the Society shall be those operative as at the AGM, prior to the season opening and shall provide for the following classes of membership:-
(i) Adult (age 18 or over)
(ii) Intermediate (age 16 or 17)
(iii) Junior (under age 16)
(iv) Accompanied (age under10) – must be accompanied by an
adult member at all times.
(v) Concessionary (incorporating Retired Members over Pensionable
Age, and Disabled Members at the Committee’s discretion).
(vi) Associate (partner of an existing adult member).
(vii) Non-fishing member (Permission to access society fisheries)
Note: Applications for all membership categories require member details and photographs. Associate members must arrive/depart at the same time as their partner, and fish an adjacent swim to their partner.
Currently serving committee members to be eligible for free membership, excluding night permit fees, but will be expected to attend at least 8 meetings unless prior agreement has been obtained from the chairman.

2.2 The subscription shall cover the period 1st April to 31st March following and shall be subject to annual review. For all age purposes the operative date shall be the 1st April.

2.3 All new members must purchase the compulsory access key.

3.1 The Society’s fiscal year shall run from 1st January to the last day of December.

3.2 The finances of the Society shall be banked at a bank selected by the Treasurer, and agreed by the Committee. The account to be held in the name of the Society, and cheque books to be held by the Treasurer and Secretary.
All cheques over £250 to be signed by 2 designated Committee members at all times and a copy of the specimen signatures shall be held at the Societies bank. The Society shall adhere to its Financial Policy and Procedures document which can be seen by any member by giving 14 days’ notice to the Treasurer.

3.3 The Secretary, Membership Secretary and Match Secretary shall be provided with a receipt book and monies received shall be accounted for directly to the Society Treasurer weekly. All financial matters must be cleared to the Treasurer not later than 24th December annually. If banking directly to the Society account, certified paying-in slips must be submitted to the Treasurer at once. No Society purchases to be made without a certified receipt being received. All such receipts to be passed to the Society Treasurer on a weekly basis.

3.4 The allocation of Society funds shall be agreed by the Committee annually and shall be subject to an annual budgetary review. The Society shall place in a Deposit Account any surplus funds not required for seasonal expenditure, and for this purpose the Committee shall be empowered to make such deposits as thought wise within the accounting system of the Society. Any withdrawals from this Deposit Account shall require the joint signatures of Society Treasurer, Chairman and the Secretary.

3.5 The Society Committee have the authority to obtain at any time financial loans for the sole benefit of the Society.

3.6 The Match Secretary shall be responsible for all Society Trophies, including storage, distribution and return.

4.1 The Committee shall have the power to discipline, suspend, or expel any member who shall offend against the Society constitution or rules.

4.2 The member shall have the right to appeal to any disciplinary action, which must be made in writing only.

4.3 The written appeal to be received by the Secretary within 14 days from the date of the disciplinary letter.

4.4 The appeal to be reviewed at the next Committee meeting, and the majority decision of the Committee shall be final and conclusive.

5.1 The Committee may invite as an honorary member any person who has given outstanding service to the furtherance of the objectives of the Society. Honorary members shall not be required to pay an entrance fee or subscription.

6.1 Society Bailiffs to be under the control of the Head Bailiff, who will recommend to the Committee suitable members for approval as Bailiffs by the Committee.

7.1 The Committee shall have the authority to repeal, amend and add to the Society rules as they think expedient for the internal management and wellbeing of the Society. Any such changes shall not be liable to retrospective voting at any AGM or EAGM.

7.2 All such rules repealed, amended, or added by the Committee under 7.1 shall be binding on the members. The members to be advised of such rule changes by the Society newsletter, fishing location notice board and club website as applicable.

8.1 Any proposals from members for the amendment to the Constitution, alteration of rules, or proposals of new rules, must be submitted in writing and be in the hands of the Secretary by 30th September. The Society members to be advised of any such proposals along with the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting.

8.2 Proposals from the floor of the meeting for amendments to the Constitution, alterations of rules, or proposal of new rules will not be accepted.

8.3 Any member shall have the power to call a Special General Meeting, by giving the Secretary not less than 28 days’ notice in writing, stating the reason for calling such a meeting, and containing the signatures, and Society membership numbers of at least 30 adult members.

8.4 Should the Special General Meeting cover resolutions for the amendment to the Constitution, alterations of rules or proposals for new rules items 8.2 and 8.3 shall apply to the proceedings.

8.5 Health and Safety Policy. Your Society is committed to ensuring that we do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent injury and damage to property. We will have due regard for protecting all other people who come into contact with the Societies activities.  All members and volunteers carrying out activities will have a clear understanding of the need to operate within the context of this policy and its requirements.
The Society will keep a Health and Safety Policy which can be viewed on the Society’s website and this policy will be reviewed and updated on a yearly basis not excluding any changes within the Society’s calendar year. The current version is 1.6 January 2024.

8.6 The Society will keep and update yearly the following policies which are a Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy, both of which can be viewed on the Society’s website. All members joining the Society have by joining agreed to their terms and conditions and should point out to the membership secretary if they wish to be excluded from any of its terms and conditions.

8.7 Dissolution. If at any Committee Meeting of the Society, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the Society; the Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting of the Society to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution. If at that Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of the full members present at the meeting the general committee shall thereupon; or at such a date as shall have been specified in the resolution; proceed to realise the assets of the Society and discharge all debts and liabilities of the Society. The remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the full members of the Society, but shall be given or transferred to some other organisation having objects similar to those of the Society.