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We have received reports of unauthorised guests (children) staying overnight on venues with Night Permit holders. To make sure everyone is clear on the Night Fishing rules please read the following:


  • ONLY “Night Permit” holders and their Wife, Husband or Partner who holds a “Non-Fishing” membership are permitted to stay on the night fishing venues overnight.


Anyone found to be in breach of this rule will be subject to disciplinary action which will inevitably see their night permit being withdrawn.

We must be strict on Night Fishing as this could invalidate our insurance and Public Liability insurance.


Non Fishing Members – Update

Following the lifting of restrictions by the government allowing people to stay out overnight, we are pleased to announce that “Non-Fishing” members are now permitted to stay overnight with their partner again.

Bog Grove \ Totham Pit


WOODLAND WORKS – Commencing 1st July

We have been informed by the landowners of Totham Pit and Bog Grove that they have appointed a contractor to manage the clearance of trees within the wooded area between the Pit & the Grove which will commence tomorrow.

We hope there will be no impact to fishing other than the noise of chainsaws and machinery working in the wood.

If we do need to close swims or the lake at any point, then we will give as much notice as possible.

Apologies for the late notification of these works, the contractor only confirmed late this afternoon.




Non Fishing Membership – Coronavirus Update – Correction

Correction and Update


  • NON-FISHING Members “Overnight Stays” are SUSPENDED until further notice


Firstly, apologies for the confusion caused yesterday our Membership Secretary has now corrected me and confirmed that under usual (Non-Corona) circumstances the “Non-Fishing Membership” does entitle the holder to stay overnight with their partner.

Currently though, the staying overnight of “Non-Fishing Members” is SUSPENDED until further notice.  This is in alignment with and following the latest changes in the legal restrictions the government and DEFRA have agreed around staying out overnight (see details below)

Please be assured that once these restrictions are lifted by the government and confirmed by the Angling Trust, we will also lift the suspension.

New government restrictions

As you may know, a new document produced by DEFRA cast new doubt on the legality of night fishing earlier this week. Martin Salter has been working hard on this issue and we now have confirmation from DEFRA that night fishing is allowed. However, we need to stress to anglers that they have to be actively fishing. Taking rods in, sleeping through the night, and starting fishing again in the morning is not legal. Anglers are allowed to continue fishing throughout the night and may seek shelter in a bivvy, but they must continue to actively fish.

We have agreed with DEFRA that we will be adding the following to our guidance:

“Please note that under the current Coronavirus regulations camping is a prohibited activity and whilst night fishing is permissible within the guidelines angling should not be used as a pretext for a camping trip. When fishing is finished any night shelters must be removed and people should return home.”

Day Tickets Update

Day Tickets will be availble from the 16th of June on the Chelmer & Blackwater Canal as usual.


Day tickets: are available on the Chelmer & Blackwater Canal only. Prices on the bank are £8 for adults, £6 for concessions and £2 for juniors. Day tickets purchased in advance of fishing are priced £7 for adults, £5 for concessions and £2 for juniors.  Day tickets are also available for the Railway Pond in Heybridge at the cheaper prices (available from JP Tackle in Maldon High Street only).

River Fishing – Starts June 16th

River fishing will return on 16th June.
Members are reminded to observe social distancing at all times and that individual anglers should be 15 metres apart.
This will present more of a challenge on the Chelmer and Blackwater canal than on the river proper, as anglers will be close to the tow path and therefore closer to passers by.
Please try and ensure that your tackle does not impede walkers from observing social distancing and remember also to use gloves and/or antiseptic wipes.
The Environment Agency in conjunction with the canal company are planning to install fishing platforms which will help, but the timetable for this has been held up by the pandemic.
One has been installed and this work continues, however and you might like to know that it is funded from angling licence income.
If possible, in order to keep numbers manageable, please try and avoid using busy stretches of the canal in the first few days of the season.
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